1st ICECE meeting

Berlin, Germany
20 Nov 1991

Following the Annual Conference of Association of German Technology and Business Incubation Centers (ADT) in Berlin in November 1991 a group of experts most of the Central and East European (CEE) countries met for a special workshop. The discussion during this meeting clearly showed the importance of an intensive exchange of information and the need for collaboration between countries of the former "Eastern Block". A short time after the major political changes took place, traditional links between CEE countries were cut and new approaches concentrated to the West. The Workshop however showed a need for exchange of information between the CEE countries to learn from each other about concrete experience in the process of transition to market economy. At the same time the development of understanding of the specific problems, potentials and challenges in CEE countries was not yet developed very much. With a special focus on
a direct exchange of information between initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe have been considered as very important. As a result of this workshop, the ADT was asked to act as a moderator for a continuous collaboration.