2nd ICECE meeting

St. Petersburg, Russia
29 Mar 1992

Based on the initiative of the ADT and the BIT, Baltic International Technopark, the second meeting of the ICECE Work Group took place in St. Petersburg and was sponsored by TIT, Technologies for International Technoparks, an Italian-Russian joint venture. The main goals of the ICECE Work Group were defined as:

The discussion of the ICECE Work Group focused on a comparison between the situations in the participating countries.

The presentations focused on general economic depression, instability of political and legislative situations, the lack of stable quadrants for investments, the growth of unemployment and inflation, the lack of marketing research and information systems, the mechanism of innovation funds and banking policy, problems of national currency conversion as well as the lack of international support.

The ICECE Work Group decided to extend the number of members from Western countries by inviting experts from Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA and later other countries.