22nd ICECE Work Group Meeting

Leipzig, Germany
18 Sep 1997

The international exhibition INNOVATION at the Leipzig Fair again offered the basis for an ICECE Meeting. The ADT organized an international conference "Innovation Potential in Central and Eastern Europe—Perspectives of East-West Cooperation" which was attended by several ICECE Members as speakers. The very strong Russian presentation at the exhibition as well as the large and high level Russian delegation (lead by the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg) at the conference was an excellent basis to strengthen contacts with Russia.

The ICECE Work Group Meeting focused on projects under preparation. The "Interactive Information System" and an ICECE Homepage in the Internet were further developed. Raivo Tamkivi took the lead for organizing a project team to develop a project acquisition proposal. The Czech ICECE Member, Jiri Coupek presented the new edition of a "Czech Technology Park Directory" and Slava Khodko distributed the "Russian Technology Park Directory".

An important topic was the new "constitution" of the ICECE Work Group. Based on a proposal (prepared on the basis of contributions of many members) an important step to create a new and stable basis for future activities was achieved. The future name "SPICE Group" was approved. SPICE, meaning "Science Park and Innovation Center Experts" to underline the fact, that the work group meanwhile became global (not exclusive for Eastern and Central Europe anymore) and remains to rely on the commitment of individuals (experts). It was decided to prepare a revised version of the document "Aims & Organization" and to present it for approval at one of the next ICECE Meetings.