SPICE News http://www.spice-group.de SPICE News Thu, 22 Mar 2018 18:25:24 +0100 http://www.spice-group.de en http://www.spice-group.de/img/logo_spice.gif SPICE http://www.spice-group.de/ Luxembourg to host a large Startup Summit http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1986 Mar 17, 2018 SPICE more]]> Successful Start: EU4Business project launched in Armenia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1985 Mar 15, 2018 SPICE more]]> East Africa: Creative Enterprise Program and Mobility Grants http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1984 Mar 14, 2018 SPICE more]]> Smart Cities, Startup Ecosystems, Innovation and Digitalization at APW 2018 in Berlin http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1983 Mar 13, 2018 SPICE more]]> World-wide Co-working Alliance by Betahaus with a Bonus http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1982 Mar 12, 2018 SPICE more]]> A different Way of Co-Working http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1981 Mar 07, 2018 SPICE more]]> Copenhagen’s Innovation Business Community will get new Hub http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1980 Mar 06, 2018 SPICE more]]> Start2grow: Celebrating the Winner is starting the next Round http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1979 Mar 05, 2018 SPICE more]]> Make your Choice - Finding the right the Partners is not a simple Task http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1978 Mar 04, 2018 SPICE more]]> The Winners of Arabnet Beirut 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1977 Mar 03, 2018 SPICE more]]> Hamburg Founders‘ Day on March 24, 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1976 Mar 02, 2018 SPICE more]]> YBF Melbourne claims global lead for Web 3.0 Development http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1975 Feb 27, 2018 SPICE more]]> im:pulse - “Women in Fintech – Symposium within re:publica 18 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1974 Feb 24, 2018 SPICE more]]> Merger of Co-working Spaces in Indonesia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1973 Feb 23, 2018 SPICE more]]> Social Entrepreneurship in the Arab World http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1972 Feb 22, 2018 SPICE more]]> First CrowdCon to be held in Frankfurt http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1971 Feb 21, 2018 SPICE more]]> Arabnet Startup Battle in Casablanca http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1970 Feb 20, 2018 SPICE more]]> Annual Competition for Syrian Entrepreneurs and Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1969 Feb 19, 2018 SPICE more]]> Accelerator in Vilnius for Creative Industries Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1968 Feb 17, 2018 SPICE more]]> Mauritania got a new Initiative to support Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1967 Feb 16, 2018 SPICE more]]> e-Estonia Flagship event Latitude59 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1966 Feb 14, 2018 SPICE more]]> 11 Graduates from successful Pre-Incubation Program in Armenia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1965 Feb 12, 2018 SPICE more]]> Innovation Village Kampala joins Global Initiative http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1964 Feb 10, 2018 SPICE more]]> Nominate inspiring Australian Women http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1963 Feb 09, 2018 SPICE more]]> Start2grow: Celebrating the Winner is starting the next Round http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1962 Feb 08, 2018 SPICE more]]> Science4Life Venture Cup - open for Applications http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1961 Feb 07, 2018 SPICE more]]> Innovation in the public sector driven by Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1960 Feb 06, 2018 SPICE more]]> Hanover Messe is looking for the future digital World Market Leader http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1959 Feb 05, 2018 SPICE more]]> 20 Startups pitch at Global 1776 Challenge Cup Finals http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1958 Feb 04, 2018 SPICE more]]> TechBoost by Deutsche Telekom open for Applications http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1957 Feb 03, 2018 SPICE more]]> H2O Hackathon by Startupbootcamp Cape Town http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1956 Feb 02, 2018 SPICE more]]> Echelon Asia Summit 2018 in Singapore http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1955 Feb 01, 2018 SPICE more]]> All in One? http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1952 Jan 31, 2018 SPICE more]]> Plexal started operations at “Here East” http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1951 Jan 29, 2018 SPICE more]]> Rural Startup Weekend in Belarus – Winners repair Cars and Trucks http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1950 Jan 28, 2018 SPICE more]]> BuildIt Lativa will be starting soon http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1949 Jan 27, 2018 SPICE more]]> Rural Co-working in Serbia – revitalizing a Village http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1947 Jan 26, 2018 SPICE more]]> Innovating for a better tomorrow - Nairobi Innovation Week 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1948 Jan 24, 2018 SPICE more]]> VIVA Tech in Paris with special Focus on Africa http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1946 Jan 23, 2018 SPICE more]]>