SPICE News http://www.spice-group.de SPICE News Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:10:19 +0100 http://www.spice-group.de en http://www.spice-group.de/img/logo_spice.gif SPICE http://www.spice-group.de/ Techcode Accelerator Berlin honored with the BVIZ quality rating http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1888 Nov 22, 2017 SPICE more]]> Entrepreneurship Festival at five European ESCP Campuses http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1887 Nov 21, 2017 SPICE more]]> Sfax will be the Place to meet for the Salon de l’Entreprise http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1885 Nov 20, 2017 SPICE more]]> “No boring Keynotes” - Open Air in Turku, Finland http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1886 Nov 20, 2017 SPICE more]]> Brazilian-German Startup Prize awarded for the second time – the Winners http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1884 Nov 19, 2017 SPICE more]]> Additional Partner, New Location and new Concept - NBD`17 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1882 Nov 17, 2017 SPICE more]]> First AFRCARENA opened new Horizons for Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1881 Nov 16, 2017 SPICE more]]> ENRICH - Internationalisation opportunities to the US market http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1879 Nov 15, 2017 SPICE more]]> Smart City in Focus of Startup Factory Zagreb http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1880 Nov 15, 2017 SPICE more]]> € 35 M Equity Investments for SMEs in North Africa http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1878 Nov 14, 2017 SPICE more]]> New FinTech VC Fund in Switzerland http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1877 Nov 13, 2017 SPICE more]]> Entrepreneurship Festival at five European ESCP Campuses http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1876 Nov 11, 2017 SPICE more]]> Venture Day in Gdansk http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1875 Nov 09, 2017 SPICE more]]> Founders` Garage @Halle16.Berlin http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1874 Nov 08, 2017 SPICE more]]> 10th Anniversary Global Entrepreneurship Week opens in Johannesburg http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1873 Nov 07, 2017 SPICE more]]> InBIA Training: Business Model Canvas http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1872 Nov 06, 2017 SPICE more]]> Grande Finale of SEC2Africa in Abidjan, Nigeria http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1871 Nov 05, 2017 SPICE more]]> Future in Africa with Focus on in Education, Health, and Territory http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1870 Nov 04, 2017 SPICE more]]> Skolkovo Technopark opened first Co-working Lab for Biomed Startups in Russia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1869 Nov 03, 2017 SPICE more]]> New National MedTech Accelerator Program in Australia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1868 Nov 02, 2017 SPICE more]]> Third Polish Tech Night in Berlin http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1867 Nov 01, 2017 SPICE more]]> Successful Turku Future Hackathon – the Winners http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1865 Oct 25, 2017 SPICE more]]> Jobs at Risk: Berlin Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1866 Oct 24, 2017 SPICE more]]> Internationalization, Cooperation and Immigration are important for Startup Growth http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1864 Oct 23, 2017 SPICE more]]> 1,000 Applications for second MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1863 Oct 22, 2017 SPICE more]]> B2B FinTech Company Builder started in Munich http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1859 Oct 21, 2017 SPICE more]]> EU|BIC Impact Report 2017 published http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1858 Oct 20, 2017 SPICE more]]> We Are Next http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1862 Oct 20, 2017 SPICE more]]> New Pre-Seed Accelerator in Edinburgh http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1857 Oct 19, 2017 SPICE more]]> The latest Ideas and Technologies helping to achieve Zero Hunger http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1860 Oct 19, 2017 SPICE more]]> Co-working Spaces will pitch at Coworking Europe Conference 2017 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1856 Oct 18, 2017 SPICE more]]> Still 5 Days to apply for Rebuilding Futures Startup Competition 2017 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1855 Oct 17, 2017 SPICE more]]> Estonia’s largest Business Idea Competition – still open for Applications http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1854 Oct 13, 2017 SPICE more]]> New Co-working Offer in Dublin http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1853 Oct 03, 2017 SPICE more]]> Disruptive Entrepreneurship - MaGIC MA Symposium in Cyberaja http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1852 Oct 02, 2017 SPICE more]]> 10 Startups from 9 countries in first IKEA Bootcamp http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1851 Oct 01, 2017 SPICE more]]> Creativity and Robot Kids at iSpace, Accra http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1850 Sep 30, 2017 SPICE more]]> Accelerating Startups that want to make a Difference, not Money http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1849 Sep 28, 2017 SPICE more]]> Third Class started at Cedars-Sinai Accelerator in Los Angeles http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1848 Sep 27, 2017 SPICE more]]> Global Success of Smart Investments http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1846 Sep 26, 2017 SPICE more]]> Christian Sommer elected as new Board member of BVIZ - Chairman and other Board members confirmed http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1847 Sep 25, 2017 SPICE more]]> New Healthtech Accelerator in Basel took off http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1845 Sep 24, 2017 SPICE more]]> Eight Times one year Free Co-working in Victoria’s Startup Hub http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1844 Sep 23, 2017 SPICE more]]> Hub of Talents http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=1843 Sep 22, 2017 SPICE more]]>