10th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations

New Delhi, India (20 Oct 2004)

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10th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations
(Global Summit of the Global Network on Business Incubation)

New Delhi - 20 October 2004


The International Summit of Business Incubation Associations (held following the Global Forum on Business Incubation organized by infoDev, the World Bank and the Indian Government and attended by representatives from 53 countries) agreed the following resolutions:

Resolution 1

The International Summits of Business Incubation Associations will be re-named:
"The Global Summit on Business Incubation"
and will be understood as the most important and leading component of
"The Global Network on Business Incubation".

The Global network / Summit will seek to integrate representatives of all national, regional, and international business incubation associations and experienced practitioners from countries where such associations do not yet exist.

- The network established during the "Global Forum on Business Incubation" in Delhi is a "subset" of this Global Network and described as "The Global Network on Business Incubation for Development"
- The meeting(s) of the Global Network on Business Incubation will be described as Global Summit(s) on Business Incubation.

Resolution 2

To support a simple model of the global incubation community recognising business incubation environments and processes.
A) The (wider) business incubation environment
B) The business incubation process
C) Business Incubator (a business incubation environment)

Resolution 3

It is agreed to revise the current "Global" definitions of business incubation to 3 simpler, more generic and inclusive definitions as well as recognising Resolution 2 and the widening "spectrum" of business incubation:

The (wider) business incubation environment is the wider context which should be conducive to the sustainable nurturing of growth potential and the development of enterprises.

Business incubation is a public and/or private, entrepreneurial, economic and social development process designed to nurture business ideas and start-up companies and, through a comprehensive business support program, help them establish and accelerate their growth and success.

The business incubator is a physical space or facility that accommodates a business incubation process

Resolution 4

It is confirmed that the next Global Business Incubation Summit takes place in Baltimore (USA) and, then subsequently, on a 6-monthly basis, noting that the following meeting of the Global Summit will be held in 12 months time at a location yet to be agreed and, if possible, in conjunction with the next Global Forum on Business Incubation.

Resolution 5

It is agreed that Global Summits will be hosted in a geographical location that will attract the maximum number of delegates. Volunteer "hosts" will be agreed one year in advance at the Global Summit meeting.

All Global Summit meetings will be managed by a team of volunteers - to be agreed at the previous meeting. The team will include one representative from the "host" national association / location and be accountable for the efficient management of the Global Business Incubation Summit.

Global Business Incubation Summits will be chaired by one of (and elected by) the relevant Global Summit management team.

For the Baltimore Summit the Management Team will consist of representatives named by AABI, ANPROTEC, BIIA, NBIA (host country), UKBI, and SPICE. It is agreed that these organisations will:
- identify their representative to join the management team
- organize the Global Summit
- develop funding proposals for Summit secretariat (see Resolution 6)
Other organizations of the Global Network are encouraged to take part in this process.

Resolution 6

It is agreed to prepare a proposal to international donor organizations (e.g. the World Bank) to be developed by the above designated management team (and agreed by the Global Summit in Baltimore) for the funding of a secretariat to sustain the Global Summit/Network after that date. Until such resource is secured, administrative resource and support for the Global Network on Business Incubation and the Global Summit will be provided by the SPICE Group team.

Resolution 7

It is agreed that the Global Summit/Network endorses and encourages (on behalf of the global community of incubation practitioners, environments and stakeholders) the consistent and uniform use of language when used in the context of business incubation. Initial agreed concepts are:

- "Business Incubator(s)" or "Incubation Environment(s)"
- "Good Practice" (not "Best Practice")
- "New" or "Experienced" Practitioners (not "Experts")
- "Resident" or "Non-Resident" "Clients" (not "Tenants")
- "Spectrum of Incubation"

"Practitioner(s)" = Incubation Environment Manager(s)/Team(s)

Resolution 8

It is agreed that the following concepts (in relation to business incubation) are examined and definitions developed for and discussed at the next Global Summit in Baltimore:

- "Sustainability"
- "Anchor tenants" ("clients")
- Social Venture Capital or Social Investment rather than "subsidy"

Resolution 9

It is agreed that, in line with aspirations identified at the Global Forum, we will work (potentially with infoDev/World Bank) towards a Global database of contacts and relevant information embracing, for example, the SPICA Directory Online.

Resolution 10

It is agreed to review/establish clear "terms of reference" and "behavior" for The Global Summit/Network on Business Incubation

Resolution 11

It is agreed to re-confirm and deliver the actions agreed at the Atlanta Summit


Those attending The Global Summit on Business Incubation on 20 October 2004 and reaching agreement on this Resolution included:

AABI, Asian Association of Business Incubators
Rustam Lalkaka, Advisor

ABIT, Association of Business Incubators of Uzbekistan
Zafar Mukhitdinov, Delegate
Diyer Rasulov, Delegate

ADT, Bundesverband Deutscher Technologie- und Gr├╝nderzentren
Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Vice President

ANPROTEC, Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators
Paulo Miranda, Managing Director
Christiano Becker, Director

BASTIC, Baltic Association of Science and Technology Parks and Innovation Centers
Janis Stabulnieks, Delegate

BBIA, Business Innovation & Incubation Australia
Julian Webb, Delegate

CABIN, Central Asian Business Incubators' Network
Kairat Sugurbekov, Coordinator and Delegate
Tatyana Shpuling, Regional Manager and Delegate

CASTIP - the Incubation Sub-Committee, China
Fengling Ma, Contact person and Delegate

INZ, Incubators New Zealand
Keith Phillips, Delegate

ISB, Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks and Technology Business Incubators Association
R.M.P. Jawahar, Vice President
Harkesh Mittal, Delegate
R. Raghunandan, Delegate

KABIC, Kazakhstan Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers
Yerik Dukenbayev, President,

KOBIA, Korean Business Incubator Association
Bong Jin Cho, President

LATICA, Latvian Technology Park, Innovation Centers and Business Incubator Association
Janis Stabulnieks, President

NBIA, National Business Incubation Association, USA
Brij M Khorana, Delegate

NIN, National Incubator Network Malaysia
Baharum Ismail, Director
Azlan Adnan,

PBICA, Polish Business Incubator and Innovation Center Association
Krzysztof Zasiadly, Vice President

PIN, Pacific Incubation Network
Barbara Harley, Co-Chairwoman and Delegate

SPICE, Science Park & Innovation Center Expert Group
Heinz Fiedler, President
Larisa Brovarska, Project Manager

UBICA, Ukrainian Business Incubator and Innovation Center Association.
Andrij Tarelin, Delegate
Inna Gagauz, Delegate

UKBI, United Kingdom Business Incubation
Peter Harman, Deputy Chief Executive

URONOVA, Uruguay Association of Business Incubators
Manuel Bello, Delegate

Country Representatives

Dominican Republic: Rosendo Alvarez III
Georgia: Vazha Goginashvili
Iran: Ezzatollah Roustazadeh
Philippines: Mercedes M. Barcelon

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10th Summit New Delhi Resolution in Russian.doc

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