13th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations

St. Louis, United States (30 Apr 2006)


The Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations (held in St. Louis, United States, prior to the NBIA's 20th International Conference of Business Incubation) was attended by representatives and observers from 13 associations. It adopted the following agreements:

Agreement 1:
Peter Harman, the delegate from UKBI, will develop a brief statement describing incubator manager skills and competencies that will be both definitional and inspirational. This statement will be circulated to other Global Network members for their input and comments.

Agreement 2:
Heinz Fiedler, the representative of the SPICE Group, will circulate the questions previously used to develop baseline data on incubators and their impacts to obtain input and comments. Specifically, Mr. Fiedler will ask members of the Global Network whether these are the best questions by which to get good data and best estimates of incubator impacts.

Agreement 3:
Dinah Adkins, representative of NBIA, will ascertain NBIA's ability to host a listserv or bulletin board to facilitate communications among the members of the Global Network. The initial idea consists of naming three "nodes" or representatives from each association who could serve as a conduits for queries from their association's membership and who could respond to questions or calls for assistance from other Global Network members. Ms. Adkins will share her findings with members of the Global Network.

Agreement 4:
The representatives of the Global Network of Business Incubators (GNBI) recognize that while there may be social, political and economic reasons for defining countries of the world as developed or developing, there is also a risk that the definition perpetuates false notions of inequality of class, intellect, and knowledge capacity, particularly in entrepreneurship and business development. Unqualified generalizations about whether a nation is developed or developing thereby can dissuade or prevent opportunities for useful knowledge exchange and may erode understanding rather than promote development and growth.

It is the desire of GNBI to exercise inclusivity among all of its partners in all nations, regardless of economic or political classification, and to acknowledge that the notion of developed or developing, particularly in the context of business incubation, is relative to individual cities and regions throughout the world as much if not more so than to entire nations.

Agreement 5:
At its next Summit, the Global Network will consider, and individual members will report out, on the role that government has had in their nation's development and history.

Agreement 6:
The 14th Global Summit will be held in late September 2006 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI) conference. If possible provision will be made to permit videoconference participation by Global Summit members unable to attend in person.

attending the April 30, 2006, meeting and reaching these internal agreements included:

Armenian Business Incubators
Bagrat Yengibaryan
Khachatur Khachikyan

Asian Association of Business Incubators (AABI)
Rong Wang, Co-chairman
Wang Zhen, Delegate

ADT Germany
Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Vice Chairman

Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI)
Marie Lussier, President
Ed Hobbs, Chairman

Chinese Business Incubation Association (CBIA)
Chiang Kuo-Huie
Chiou Sao-cheng

Incubators New Zealand (INZ)
Richard White, Delegate

Israeli Technological Incubators
Rina Pridor, Program Director

Japanese Association of New Business Incubation Organizations (JANBO)
Yoshimi Kajikawa, Deputy Secretary General
Satoshi Hoshino, CEO, IM Training Institute

Korean Business Incubation Association (KOBIA)
Choi Jongyeol, President
Bongjin Cho, Honorary President
Yongsam Lee, Chief of Secretariat

South African Business and Technology Incubator Association (SABTIA)
Phildile Tshabangu, Chairman

Heinz Fiedler, President

Swedish Small & Medium Business Development
Mary Spaeth, Delegate

United Kingdom Business Incubation (UKBI)
Peter Harman, Deputy Chief Executive

National Business Incubation Association
Dinah Adkins, President & CEO
Tracy Kitts, Vice President & COO

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