4th International Summit of Business Incubation Associations

San Jose, California, United States (17 May 2001)


Summit delegates to the International Summit of Business Incubation Associations 20001, meeting in congress May 17, 2001, in San Jose, California, reached consensus on the following major resolutions:

  1. By the year 2005, business incubators around the globe will have incubated one million companies worldwide.
  2. Business incubation is a successful strategy to develop community and national economies according to their needs. These include:
    • Promoting free markets where economies were previously closed
    • Helping nations emerge from economic crises
    • Supporting entrepreneurship among minorities, women and low-income people
    • Creating new high-technology, high-growth companies
    • Promoting technology commercialization and the growth of technology infrastructure and support programs
    • Diversifying rural and small city economies
    • Creating new jobs and opportunities for the unemployed
    • Revitalizing declining communities
    • Creating new wealth and return on investment
    • Improving community and national economic competitiveness
    • Increasing recognition of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to economic health
  3. National and multinational business incubation associations commit themselves to increasing communications and information sharing between nations about business incubation tools, techniques and successes.

Associations who have reached consensus of these resolutions during the May 17 meeting or who have since signed on to these resolutions include:

ANZABI (Australian and New Zealand Association of Business Incubators)
Amanda Kenyon, Chair

ANPROTEC (Brazilian Association of Science Parks & Incubators)
Luis Afonso Bermudez, President

BASTIC (Baltic Association of Science/Technology Parks and Innovation Centers)
Janis Stabulnieks, President

CABI (Canadian Association of Business Incubators)
L. Lorne Ross, President

Torch High Technology Industry Development Center
Hu Shi-Hui, Vice Chief Engineer

SPICE (Science Parks and Innovation Center Expert Group)
Heinz Fiedler, President

IAFN (Incubation Association Finland)
Anders Nordstrom-Gadd, Director

ADT (German Association of Technology and Research Centers)
Christian Herrmann, Delegate

JANBO (Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organizations)
Shuji Kato, Secretary General

KOBIA (Korea Business Incubators Association)
Hong Kim, President

KABICA (Kazakhstan Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers)
Yerik Dukenbayev, President

PBICA (Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association)
Krzystof Zasaidly, Founder and Delegate

SWEDspin (Swedish Start-up Process and Incubator Netwok)
Therese Sjolundh, Delegate

UKBI (United Kingdom Business Incubation)
Malcolm Buckler, Chief Executive

NBIA (National Business Incubation Association - USA)
Dinah Adkins, President and CEO

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